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Gua Bao with Glazed Pork Belly

Steamed bun filled with glazed pork belly, mustard greens, cucumber, crushed peanuts and fresh cilantro


Gua Bao with Fried Chicken

Crispy chicken topped with marinated cucumber, peanuts, mustard greens and cilantro


Salt and Pepper Fried Chicken

A time honored Taiwanese street food with crispy chicken tossed in salt and pepper


Beef Stew

Rich stew with tender beef


Hot and Sour Soup

The hearty, spicy, sour broth with mushroms, silky eggs and tofu


Handmade dumplings (8)


Chili wontons


Crab Meat Cheese Wonton


Vegetarian Egg Rolls



Braised Pork with Rice

Tender pork in a sweet and salty marinade over rice


Pork Chop with Rice

Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside pork on the side


Fried Chicken with Rice

Traditional fried chicken with optional sweet and sour sauce on the side


Crispy Fried Fish with Rice

Fried crispy fish with light salt and pepper


Fried Shrimp with Rice

Fresh and crispy shrimp



Bento with pork, chicken and shrimp



Beef Noodle Soup

Tender beef and fresh noodles in a slightly spicy broth with bok choy topped with scallions and cilantro


Braised Pork Noodles

Noodles topped with braised pork that will melt in your mouth


Sesame Sauce Noodles

Noodles bathed in sesame paste with pork. The perfect mix of sweet and salty


Wonton Noodle Soup


Vegetarian Noodles


Seafood Noodle Soup



Seaweed Salad

Salad made with a mixture of seaweed and fresh vegetables


Crushed Cucumber Salad

A fresh salad made of crushed cucumbers marinated in a tangy sauce


Spiced Tofu

Soft tofu in finely milled ground star anise, peppercorns, ginger and cloves


Crispy Garlic Tofu

Garlic infused, crispy fried tofu


Slow Roasted Tripe

Beef tripe roasted in five spice


Spiced Slow Roasted Peanuts

Traditional slow roasted peanuts tossed in a mixture of spices


Roasted Brisket

Brisket slow roasted in Taiwanese spices


Beef Tendons

Beef tendons roasted in Taiwanese spices



Milk Tea Boba

Chewy boba in a rich and creamy milk tea


Black Tea

Rich black tea, sweetened with brown sugar syrup


Marble Boba

Boba in a swirl of brown sugar that lines the cup



Steamed Rice


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